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Ozarks Fresh grass fed & grass finished beef and lamb, and pastured pork are all sustainably raised in the Mansfield, MO area on our family farm. All of our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Thank you for supporting our family farm by buying local!

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No longer detached from our food.

In general, we have become very detached from where our food comes from here in the United States. Can you look in your refrigerator and know what farm most of the produce, meat & dairy came from? It is hard to buy 100% local, but Ozarks Fresh can get you closer to that goal!

You can support your local farmers today!

How far does our food travel?

Have you ever thought about how far the food in your house has traveled to get to you? A lot of times it was even grown in a different country. Michigan State University did a study and found that on average our food travels 1500 miles to get to the end user. Whereas locally purchased food travels 56 miles on average. Switching even a portion of one's household food to locally grown can help reduce air pollutants while at the same time helping to support your local farmers.

Read more about the study here.

Decreasing our carbon footprint.

Apart from reducing the distance our food travels in the supply chain by producing local foods, we are also aware of the impact we make on the environment. We use a great local butcher shop located in the next town over. We source our chicken litter to fertilize our fields from a farm down the road. We produce all of our hay on our farm instead of having it trucked in from different states. We even do our best to decrease the amount of hay we need to produce by managing our pasture rotation appropriately so our animals can eat grass as long as possible.

Read on to find our more about our sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable farming practices.

Pasture rotation and multi-species grazing allow us to fully utilize our land without depleting the natural resources. Between rotation, rest, and replenishment, we take care of our land. Pasture rotation is good for our grass, allowing it a resting period to recover from being grazed. We take care of our soil by spreading the livestock manure more evenly through rotational grazing, and we take soil samples and replenish the nutrients with chicken litter and locally sourced lime when necessary.

Ask us about our sustainable farming practices sometime. We could go on and on!

Support your local farmers and enjoy delicious, healthy meats at the same time!